Society Workspaces & Co-Working Office Space in Phoenix, Arizona
Society offers shared workspace to creatives looking for a modern office or co-working solution. It is located on the top floor of the 2nd tallest building in Arizona at 101 1st street in downtown Phoenix
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The best choice in Shared Workspaces

Our collaborative studios are all encompassing with unique conference rooms, Hi-Speed internet, and Wi-Fi.

Flexible Rates and Plans to suit your growing business

Whether you are a start-up or established business, our modern studios are designed to fit your specific needs. Expand or downsize without the hassle of moving.

Location, Location, Location

Located in the heart of downtown on the top floor of the US Bank building. Centrally located near major businesses, hip bars and restaurants. Experience the culture of downtown Phoenix.



Lightning fast Internet

Experience our lightning fast ethernet & wireless internet. With multiple wireless hubs we have made sure that every inch of our floorpan is securely covered. Many of our private studios have the option of plugging directly in to available ethernet ports.

On-Site Parking

Parking is available for all tenants inside our building. Guest passes are available for purchase for your clients who spend a lot of time working with you in the building. The first hour is free for all guests.

Open Floorplan for Shared Spaces

Collaborate with your co-workers in a thriving environment. If you decide to opt for one our shared spaces, we have daily and monthly rates for your convenience.

Modular Expansive Design

Many of our private studios, which start as small as 144 sq. ft, can be converted into spaces 4 times that size through our unique collaborative links system. The studios share a wall with their adjoining neighbors which can unlock and roll up to reveal the space next door, giving you tons of possibilities.

Creative Environment

We like to think of Society as a breeding ground for creativity and innovation. Young businesses need to be agile, scaling up and down with demand and workload. They also need access to talent at a moments notice - Look no further than the businesses that share the Society floor with you.

Positioned for Growth

Of the all the positives of joining Society, perhaps the most compelling is your opportunity for forming strong, lasting networks with other businesses in your area. Our mindset is to foster this process through group events, workshops and meet-ups.

Good for Business

When it comes to forming new relationships, networking and building your team, nothing is better than a co-working environment such as SOCIETY. Our open layout cultivates a sense of working together, and meeting people is easy in our relaxed atmosphere. We have the Union Market downstairs where most of our tenants will spend their lunchbreak, and it makes it so easy to grab a coffee or some food and throw some new ideas around. We have a  diverse collection of professionals funneling in and out of our studios every day, and this is the environment where new ideas and businesses may flourish.

Encourages Collaboration0

Fosters Creativity0

Meet Like-Minded Individuals0

Space is Limited
  • Society 31
  • $165monthly
    • Month to Month
    • Easy Cancellation
    • 8 hours of conference room usage per month
    • Access from 8am-6pm
    • On-Site Parking Available

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  • Open Floor
  • $299monthly
    • Month to Month
    • Easy Cancellation
    • 8 hours of conference room usage per month
    • Access from 8am-6pm
    • On-Site Parking Available

  • Sign Up
  • Private Office
  • Inquire*monthly
    • Short Term 3-6 Months
    • Expandable Spaces
    • On-demand conference room usage per month
    • 24-7 Access
    • On-Site Parking Available

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  • Luxury Office
  • Inquire*monthly
    • Yearly Lease
    • Upgraded suites
    • On-demand conference room usage per month
    • 24-7 Access
    • On-Site Parking Available

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*Lowest price shown here. Pricing may vary depending on size and location of space.
**Currently sign-ups are handled in person.









We’d love to hear what you think! Let us know about your experience at Society, or any ideas you want to share with us!